What is the Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry Veldzicht?

The Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry Veldzicht is part of the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency of the Ministry of Justice and Security. The Ministry of Justice and Security is responsible for maintaining the rule of law in the Netherlands, so that people can live together in freedom, regardless of their lifestyle or views.

Visiting address:

Ommerweg 67 7707 AT Balkbrug The Netherlands

Visiting Veldzicht:

To visit Veldzicht, please make an appointment two days prior.
Telephone number: (+31) 088 07 42800

How we help

Veldzicht is a centre specialising in the treatment and support of people suffering from complex psychiatric problems in their daily life. People staying at Veldzicht often have a non-Dutch or non-Western cultural background. About 80% of all residents have a nationality other than Dutch. The centre houses people of around 50 different nationalities.

The location

A variety of organisations have had their social function at the location of what is currently Veldzicht for the last 200 years. Over the years, the structure expanded, and buildings took on different functions. Since 2016, Veldzicht has been a centre for transcultural psychiatry. A characteristic feature of Veldzicht is its vast area and its signature walls. The walls have played multiple roles since being built. On and off they provide residents with the safety and quiet they need, which they cannot easily leave. In this way, the walls have always fulfilled and continue to fulfill a strong sheltering role.

What do we do?

The objective of the therapy and stay at Veldzicht is to provide patients with the help they need in a skilled and safe manner. To this end we are guided by several basic principles:

  • The patient’s options are within the bounds of the centre.
  • The patient’s issues determine our approach and his/her placement at Veldzicht.
  • Patients take part in a care programme matching their individual needs.
  • The patients’ safety, the safety of others at Veldzicht, and the safety of society are interconnected.

Together with the patient, we aim to achieve the following: a reduction of the complaints and risks and working on future-oriented prospects.

Who works at Veldzicht?

Over 500 enthusiastic and dedicated people work at Veldzicht on a daily basis. These include care and support staff such as psychiatrists, psychologists, security guards, facilities service employees and spiritual counsellors, as well as those responsible for food, cleaning, safety and maintenance.